July 25, 2019

Do I need to Hire a Second Photographer

Wedding Planning

I am asked frequently “should we hire a 2nd photographer”.

My answer is always, “depends on what you want one for”.

If its simply to photograph the boys getting ready consider this:

The boys take a lot less time than the girls to get ready, usually only an hour at max and that includes the occasional run to the playstation for a game or two.

If they are less than 15 minutes away from where the bride is getting ready, one photographer can usually capture both groups easily.

If your just wanting the guys putting on flowers and jackets etc that can even be “faked” during the day.

These are all ideas that will save you the +$500 for a second shooter.

Naturally, if you want everything right through the day in stereo then definitely a 2nd photographer is needed. Remember this will increase the images you get by almost double so just be aware of that. 4000 photos can be daunting. ?

We have 2nd photographers available at all the locations we shoot. They have all been vetted and will be well briefed on your day and they style you are looking for.

Image source Marco Pieraccini Fotografo