July 25, 2019

Friend As Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Planning

I want to hire my friend to take my wedding photos.

I hear this so many times where couples consider using "uncle Bob" or a friend who has a good camera to photograph their wedding.

Firstly having a good camera in no stretch of the imagination makes anyone a good photographer or able to take good photographs.

The next thing I say to couples is, "shouldn't uncle Bob or your friend be there as a guest and enjoy your wedding day rather than be worried about getting everything right?"

Here are a few bullet points you should consider when using a friend or relative as the photographer on your day.




They don't get to relax and enjoy your day

What if their camera fails, battery goes flat, memory card locks, lens fogs up

Will they know where to be to get all those shots during the ceremony, rings, kiss etc

Do they know locations to go to if its raining for photos

Will they be able to direct people to keep the days photos flowing

Will they be able to shoot in low light without flash for your bridal dance

What if they are sick on the day

What if you don't like the photos they took, that will strain any relationship knowing they messed up your wedding photos

Do they know how to get that shot that will blow you away

Can they work in tricky lighting like a bright sunny day or a highly backlit church

If your friend damages something in a venue or worse still, injures someone they are liable

Who is going to edit all the hundreds of images

Will they know how to pose you correctly for the bridal photos

A professional photographer has contingencies already in place for all these points and more.

Bottom line is any single one of these and many other problems can literally ruin your wedding days photos. You have spent no doubt thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on getting this all right and you want to have an accurate and amazing record of it all to keep.

Don't risk it, hire a professional who has a payment plan and pay it off over time.

Image sources vary, credit to photographer