September 1, 2019

I want a Fake (Spray) Tan for my Photos, Should I?

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Should I Fake Tan or not for my photos.

Ok this one I hear and see all the time, usually the results are less than favourable unless you get it professionally done. I recommend, if you want a tan for your photos to get a professional spray trial done first, a good month or more out as good tanning salons need time to blend your colour correctly.

There is nothing worse than an oompa loompa look for your photos.

Hairlines, Wrists, hands, elbows, feet and ankles are notorious areas too have darker patches of colour or to see a defined line where tan meets natural.

Some of the tanning products even rub off easily onto your clothing so you end up with orange under your arms and around your chest. not a good look!

Our recommendation is that no tan for your photos is best, your natural skin colour can be more easily manipulated in our post processing, we can give you a glow if you wish.

So plan ahead, don't hit the chemist the night before your shoot and buy a rub on tan. Chances are it's not going to give you the look you want. Leave it to the professionals and plan ahead.