April 16, 2020

No Deposit Save The Date Wedding Photography Sale!

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Zer0 Deposit Wedding Photography Sale during the Corona Virus

Yes thats right we are wanting to help all our couples by offering a No Deposit booking Save the date Sale.

In plain language, if you book with us any time within the next 7 days your date is saved in our calendar immediately without needing to pay a cent. Your deposit is not due until two weeks after the Social Distancing laws are lifted.

No matter what your current financial situation is, you will have secured one of the most important vendors for your day, your Wedding Photographer.

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At Sydney Wedding Pictures we fully understand the emotional and financial stress everyone is under at the moment with Corona Virus (COVID-19). These are uncertain times however we want couples to keep moving forward with their wedding plans as much as possible.

This No Deposit Sale is strictly for a limited time only to help you continue to plan your day, get the photographer you want and not be out of pocket.

What our Couples have to Say.


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how long will you hold our date?

Your date is safe in our calendar until two weeks after the State Government, where the wedding is to be held, lifts its band on Social Gatherings

What do we pay upfront to save the date?

Nothing, if you book with us within the time period of the sale you pay us nothing to save the date in our celendar.

How much is due once the Social Gathering bans are lifted

Your $600 deposit is due two weeks after the bans are lifted.

What if we decide to shift our date

No problems, we will accomodate your date shift at no charge or penalties.

How do we find out if you are available on our date

Go to the Contact page and simply enquire, we will get back to you quickly with an answer.

Is this limited to specific packages

No, all packages, including videography and 2nd photographers are included on the sale.

What if I decide to cancel before my deposit is due

No problems, we will release your date to other couples who are one our waiting list. No penalties apply.

How long will this sale be on offer

This is strictly a 7 days sale and may end at any time without notice once dates fill up.