September 9, 2019

One of Sydneys Best Wedding Photographers

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How to Find the Best Sydney Wedding Photographer

What if your Sydney wedding memories could live on forever?

Your wedding is the happiest day of your life. As the years go by, you'll want to look back on photos that captured every amazing moment.

Moments that amazing need photos that are just as awesome. And that means finding the best Sydney wedding photographer before the big event.

Wondering how to find the best wedding photographer before saying "I do"? Keep reading to find out!

Avoid the Salesperson

It's good to learn as much as you can about the wedding photographers in Sydney ahead of time. When you meet for an interview, though, you need to pay attention to how they treat you.

Specifically, you want to avoid someone with a "pushy salesman" vibe. When it comes to the most important day of your life, you don't want someone acting like a used car salesman with your photos.

Choose a photographer who instead asks plenty of questions about you and your partner. This shows they are engaged and wanting to put your happiness ahead of their bottom line.

Research-Based Budget

Before things get too serious, you'll need to set a budget. The best way to do this is to dive into research mode.

Simply put, you won't know if someone's prices are high or low unless you know what the average price really is. This kind of research will also help you with other aspects of the hiring process.

For example, you can take this time to visit the websites of various photographers and e-mail them about their availability. This lets you quickly find out whether your dream photographers will even be available when the big day comes around.

Style and Substance

Photographers are like any other artists. That means that each one of them has their own unique style when it comes to taking photos.

Some specialise in the kind of moody photos that would look at home in a big-budget film. Others like to take editorial photos like the kind that grace major magazine covers. And still more specialise in the kinds of traditional styles that may match your parents' own wedding photos.

There is no answer to which style is best. Instead, it comes down to your own sense of style and preference. Just ask yourself, "Whose work would I rather see myself in decades from now?"

Good Chemistry

Earlier, we talked about the importance of making sure the photographer isn't an aggressive salesperson. You should also make sure you have good chemistry with this person.

It's easy to think that chemistry doesn't matter if you hire the best wedding photographer in Sydney. However, chemistry is the secret to getting great photos.

Whoever you hire must be able to both organize your friends and get natural emotions out of them before snapping a picture. In all likelihood, you and your friends have similar personalities. If you don't have good chemistry with the photographer, it's likely no one else will!

Check Their Work

Your real bottom line is that you want wedding photos that look amazing. And the quickest way to verify this is to check the photographer's previous work.

They should have featured photographs on their website and their social media accounts. Additionally, good photographers should provide a portfolio upon request.

Needless to say, this is the quickest way to verify the photographer's style and to see if it matches your own. Be sure to check all the photos as many photographers are fluid and can shoot in different styles to match client requests.

Browse Their Site

You should look for more than just pictures when you go to a photographer's website. You should also look to see the last time it was updated.

Most good photographers will offer blog posts, updates, and calendar dates that help keep their customers informed. And the mere presence of these things also shows prospective customers that the photographer takes their work seriously and stays on top of their photography business.

Frequent updates, then, are often the difference between a dedicated photographer and a bored freelancer.

Get That Guarantee

Finding a good photographer is a bit like finding a romantic partner. After a while, you need to look out for signs that they are really serious about your partnership.

In the case of a photographer, what you are looking for is a written guarantee. This will stipulate how many photos you get, what the exact cost is, and whether you get extra features like digital versions of the photos.

Guarantees are important because they are a contract you can enforce. If you do not have a guarantee from a photographer and they violate an oral agreement, there may be nothing you can do about it.

Keep in mind you can (and should) look at guarantees from multiple Sydney photographers before hiring someone. This lets you shop around for rates while also finding out who offers the best benefits.

Masters of Lighting

Want to know the most important component of a good photo? It's actually the lighting.

And just as they have different styles, different photographers have different kinds of lighting they may specialize in.

If you know you're planning on an outdoor wedding, find a photographer who specializes in outdoor lighting. And be sure to tell them when the wedding is scheduled. After all, 4:00 pm lighting is very different from 10:00 am lighting!

Trust Your Instincts

We have one last bit of advice when you're trying to find the best wedding photographer in Sydney: trust your instincts.

As we've said, it's important to get a good price, secure a guarantee, and check their previous work. However, the real test is whether you have a good feeling about this person or not.

You went with your gut when it came to falling in love. Trust your gut again when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer!

The Best Sydney Wedding Photographer: Happily Ever After

Now you know how to find the best Sydney wedding photographer. However, do you know how to contact them right now?

John specialises in weddings and other event photography. To see how he can preserve your special day forever, just give him a call today!