July 25, 2019

Unplugged Wedding

Wedding Planning, Wedding Day Tips

Ok now this is every photographers dream wedding and basically it means that during the ceremony, no one except the photographer and videographer are allowed to take any photos and or post anything on social media.

This for us means we don't get the back of everyones iphone or ipad when they decide to jump out in front of us while the bride is walking in.

It also means your guest see your wedding in real life, not through a tiny screen and you see their smiles not their pokemon phone cover.

For those people who must have a photo from your day, we are always there to take requested shots and our online posting of your highlights gives everyone the chance to see the day.

"I cant tell you how many times someone has jumped out in front of me while I'm waiting for that perfect shot and to be honest, I don't give much courtesy to those who do. Being paid to photograph your wedding, I'm responsible for getting this priceless, once off shots and not the back of someones head."

So, seriously consider this for your big day.

Image sources vary, credit to photographer