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6 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer in Newcastle

Marriage is something that about half of everyone in Australia. will experience. But although marriages are common, each wedding is unique. And to capture what makes yours special, you'll need to know the right questions to ask your wedding photographer.

A good wedding photographer captures the memories that you'll keep for a lifetime. But to ensure that you get the best wedding photographer possible, you need to ask certain questions.

The Right Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer 

Not sure what to ask? Try these questions when you interview photographers -- they will help you reveal who's the best choice for your big day. 

Can I See Your Past Work?

Ideally, you'll have answered this question before you actually speak with the photographer. You'll need to see their portfolio and know their style, so you can tell if they'll meet your wedding photography needs.

However, if you just met a new photographer, definitely ask where you can see their work. And if you think you like someone's style, you can also ask them to show you their favourites. This will give you a better idea of what they aim to do.

What's Your Specialty?

Some photographers do more portraits. Others do more events. No matter what a portfolio looks like, you should get to know the type of shots the photographer is most comfortable with.

For example, if you want lots of action shots and candids, you'd want a wedding photographer who specializes in event photography. 

How Can I Book You?

In-demand photographers get booked months, or even over a year, in advance. If you find someone whose work you like, you need to know how to book them -- and when. 

Ask early, and book early, so the date doesn't get taken. The more popular the photographer, the harder it will be to get your date. And make sure you use their preferred booking method, to prevent miscommunications.

What's the Contingency Plan? 

If the photographer gets sick or has an emergency, you need to have a backup plan in place. 

For example, will another photographer from the studio be available? Or will you need to hire a second photographer to ensure someone will be there? 

Do You Have a Contract?

Asking about a contract might feel awkward, but it's necessary.

You should have a contract with everyone you work with for your wedding. This keeps everyone on the same page and minimizes communication problems.

If the photographer doesn't have a contract, you should work with them to build one. If they don't want to work with a contract, hire someone else. 

What's Included in the Price?

Your contract should mention what the standard cost covers, and anything that will cost extra. Never assume that something will be included in the cost unless you see it in writing. If you want specific things, you might be able to create a custom package to meet your needs. 

Ready to Ask These Photography Questions?

Don't stress over these questions to ask your wedding photographer. A good photographer will have heard it all before.

Asking questions prevents problems later on. It's well worth both your time and the photographer's time to cover these essentials. 

Ready to start asking? If you're looking for wedding photography in Newcastle, we'd love to give you the answers you need -- contact us here.

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